Wall Mounted Kitchen Storage Shelf Pot Rack with Drywall Anchors

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No matter the size of the kitchen, kitchen space is almost always limited. We love to cook but don't like having to dig through cluttered drawers, cupboards and cabinets to find what we need. Pots and pans take up a large amount of our kitchen space. For the past three centuries, cooks and chefs have avoided this problem by using wall and ceiling mounted pot racks. This Wall Mounted Kitchen Storage Shelf Pot Rack with Drywall Anchors has expanded on this concept with its full size Oval Pot Rack. With this ceiling mounted rack you'll be able to hang your favorite pots and utensils for easy access and save precious counter and cabinet space. Plus, this rack adds beauty and charm to one of your favorite gathering rooms. It's constructed of durable steel and includes super strong, new technology drywall toggles that are very easy to install and don't require bolting to joists. Hang whatever you want-- this rack will hold 200 pounds. It's also light weight (just 10 lbs.) so you won't need a handyman to install it. Keep your kitchen accessories organized and convenient so you can spend less time fighting with your kitchen and more time loving it. Includes 8 hooks, hardware and drywall toggles. With this model you can also add Trim Ceiling Covers, Low Ceiling Arms, Comes with grid for additional storage space, plus extra pot hooks. 14"W by 7"D by 16"H.
  • Wall Mounted Kitchen Storage Shelf Pot Rack with Drywall Anchors
  • Fast, easy installation with exclusive "Toggler" anchors
  • Install toggles directly in drywall
  • Hold hundreds of pounds
  • No more joists or studs needed
  • Quality full size steel pot rack
  • Store pots and utensils overhead for easy access
  • Free up counter top and cabinet space
  • Strong steel construction yet light weight (just 10 pounds)
  • Will hold 200 pounds
  • Add decorative style
  • Attractive "hammered steel" powder coat finish
  • Paintable to complement any decor
  • Easy assembly
  • No handyman required
  • Assemble in minutes
  • All hardware included
  • 14"W by 7"D by 16"H.
  • Weight: 1 lbs.
  • Shipping Weight: 5lbs.