Reversible Arch Ceiling Pot Rack Hammered Steel

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Handcrafted in the USA, this Enclume® Reversible Arch Ceiling Pot Rack proves that not all pot racks are the same. This one is quite different and it is Enclume's only reversible ceiling rack. One view, with the rack ends sloping upward, displays a slightly modern Eastern flair. Flip it over with little effort and it's a whole new design! It should be noted that if two of these racks are mounted in line, one sloping upward and the other sloping downward a decorative wave is creatively created. Constructed of superior hot rolled, high carbon, steel, and Enclume's Signature Hammered Steel finish with a protective clear coating to deliver our expected beauty, durability, and strength for lasting value and enjoyment.

● Includes 12 Straight Multi-purpose 4.5" Pot Hooks
● 1/4" Thick Solid Hot Rolled Steel Frame, Professional Grade
Forged by our Skilled Craftsmen in the Pacific Northwest, USA
● Assembly Required. Heavy Duty Hardware and Installation Instructions Included
● Mount directly into Studs or in Drywall safely using our Super Strong Togglers.
● Dimensions:  34" L x 16" W x 17" H   Weight: 15 lbs.
● 5 Year Limited Warranty