Detachable Pot Rack Organizer - 70% OFF!

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The newly designed assembled multi-layer pot rack has a trapezoidal structure as a whole and can be placed in various sizes of pots. There are three hooks on the side of the rack to put any type of pot and lid, etc., which is light and does not occupy a place. The entire shelf is very small and can be placed in any place. The kitchen has it not only beautiful and clean but also makes full use of the kitchen space.



    • Easy to install and complete assembly in minutes without any tools.
    • The textured non-slip design prevents stacking damage to the cookware.
    • Tested to accommodate cookware in a variety of sizes and styles. It can support up to 25 pounds.
    • Four-layer mechanism design with a total height of 42cm. It can be disassembled and stored when not in use, taking up a few spaces.



    Color: White
    Weight: 646g
    Height: 49cm


    Package Include:

    1 x Detachable Multi-layer Pot Rack