Moving out on Your own, Now is the Time

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No matter how good you think you have it living at home, you can’t really be the king of your castle until you’re the only king of the castle. It’s true; you count on can sleeping late, not having to worry about paying the rent, and finding some leftover Chinese food in the fridge only for so long. Eventually, the house won’t be big enough for more than one crowned head, if you know what we mean. Thinking of moving out from the parents? Good move. Welcome to freedom, independence and – responsibility?

It’s always the last one that gets most of us. Responsibility – it’s the “R” word. Is your freedom really worth keeping a regular time schedule? You bet it is. At Colonial Van Lines, we’re used to responsibility. It’s how we’ve become one of the Top Rated Professional Long Distance Movers in the nation. If you’re ready to get moving from yourparents, never fear. Colonial Van Lines can help you change the “R” word from responsibility to rewarding in no time. Here are some tips from us that will make moving out as painless as possible.

Moving Out Lesson 1: Learning the Cost of Living

Ready for some real-world education? Life costs money. It’s a lesson you don’t want to learn the hard way. On top of your monthly rent or mortgage, there will be gas bills, electric bills, cable bills, cell phone bills, grocery bills, and credit card debts that may make you afraid to open your mailbox.  At Colonial Movers, we say learn it before you live it. Study up on the cost of living so you can avoid the pitfalls that many first-time movers fall into.

Moving Out Lesson 2: Do the Math

The next lesson is in arithmetic. Once you get an idea of your monthly and daily expenses, make up a budget. Determine how much you’ll need for the essentials (rent, utilities, etc.) and the non-essentials too. (We’re still not sure which one pizza falls under, but let’s just say carry-out deals are never to be underestimated). 

However, no matter how you slice it, there is more to a budget than an anchovy pizza. There are those other essentials that we really need to take care of. 

  • Know how much money you really make. If you’ve got a bunch of “side deals” in the works, your income may fluctuate from month to month. If so, use the lower estimate when creating your budget. Its better safe than sorry.
  • Once you find the right neighborhood, you’re probably going to want to get around it (especially if you need to do the late-night pizza run).  After you get to know your new haunts, figure out how much money you’ll need for gas or public transportation to get you to and from.
  •  When you’re doing the math on your budget, prices and income can be the x-factors. Costs fluctuate, as do wages and priorities. Don’t be afraid to adjust your budget as you go along.

Moving Out Lesson 3: Finding an Apartment

Keep in mind- this is so not your mama’s and daddy’s place. When you’re moving out on your own, curbside appeal is not usually a major selling point. This is your apartment and you’re going to have your own wants and needs to consider. That most probably does not include a well-trimmed lawn and an attractive patio area.

It’s common for a first-time mover to be unsure of what they should be looking for in a new apartment, but, believe us,  you’ll know it when you see it. Just keep these considerations in mind to narrow down your hunt.

  • Location, location. It comes right up there after budget. Whether you want to be in time for work, in time for your morning hot yoga class, or simply in time for the early bird special at your favorite restaurant, figure out what’s most important for you and locate accordingly.  
  • Pets: Leaving your parents behind and man’s best friend behind as well? Perish the thought! If keeping your pet is the make or break part of the apartment deal, ask your prospective landlord about the pet policy in the building.
  • Safety: Although it may seem like more a parental concern, safety is an issue for everyone. Thankfully, there are online tools available for researching neighborhoods, including crime statistics and safety levels. AreaVibes is one of the most comprehensive and easiest to use.  It provides information about the total crime rate in the area, crime statistics, and on how likely you are to be a victim in your potential neighborhood.

And while we’re on the subject of internet tools, it’s a good idea to download a house hunting app. With this click of a button device, you can watch a reality show on TV and virtually tour apartments during commercial breaks. Talk about multi-tasking! Check out Zillow. It’s one of the most user-friendly apps for everything from finding a place, to filling out an application, to obtaining a credit check and beyond.  

Moving Out Lesson 4: Finding A Reliable Moving Company

What are some of the things mommy and daddy never told you? Besides how to do a wash by yourself, they never told you how to find a reliable moving company.  Colonial Van Lines knows it can be tough for a first- time mover to navigate a moving contract. There can be a lot of fine print that can end up costing you a lot of money in the end. If you don’t read carefully, you could end up getting billed for services that you never requested.

At Colonial Van Lines our word is our pledge to our customers. You’ll never find any fine print in or additional fees, and we work within your budget to make sure you don’t overpay.

Here’s how it works. You figure out what your move will require. Then, request our free rate quote to let us know a little about it. Once we have a basic idea of what you need, we’ll customize a move that fits your budget and your specifications, and we’ll send you an honest estimate.

If you want a more accurate quote, use our moving app. That will let you send us pictures of your belongings. We’ll send you a detailed breakdown of the expenses so you know exactly what you’re paying for. We never ask you to sign a contract before you’ve had time to review it carefully.

When it comes to moving companies, Colonial is one that would get your parents stamp of approval. Make them proud by choosing a moving company you can trust. We have:

  • Over Fifty Years of Experience
  • Friendly and Professional Movers
  • Packing service and Storage Available
  • Reliable Full-Service Long Distance Moving

If moving out seems awfuller than the awful things that ever were, don’t worry. We’ll pack your teddy bear with utmost discretion and make sure he goes in last. Get in touch with us for our free estimate and see if you don’t feel like someone is looking out for you already.