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Here’s what you missed last week from my small corner of the crochet world…

The Latest…

Last week we began the spider web edging for our Halloween doily crochet-a-long! You can find the instructions here! Tomorrow we’re be embellishing the doily and have it finished with plenty of time before Halloween. Grab your markers and rubbing alcohol…

Tomorrow’s winner for the free digital copy of Annie’s new book entitled A Very Crochet Christmas! will be announced!

Past Free Pattern!

What free crochet pattern was posted last week? Ghostly Quartet – Ghost Patterns Revisited!

Don’t let these ghosts scare you away! With Halloween near it’s time for break out these apparitions and revisit these ghostly quartets! These patterns will bring lots of fun from a candy bag, napkin ring, lollipop cover and towel topper! [Read More…]

What Pattern Is It?

The pattern I’m describing is:

I’m turned upside down… help! I wear red and white striped pants I have jingle bells… I’m perfect for Christmas And I’m somewhat of a misfit
You can begin your search here!
Here’s the pattern described last week!

Circle of Angels Crinoline Doily

This pattern is available here!

Thursday’s Upcoming Free Pattern!

Every Thursday a new free pattern will be published, or an old one from the archives, will be republished!

Revisiting these two favorite Halloween icons; candy corn and mummies, we’re about to embark on an adventure! Starting with mummies, these cute mummies consist of a coffee cozy and coaster – so much fun! Moving on to candy corn, well who wouldn’t want a morsel. From a coaster to the most adorable potholder…

Past Top Five Friday Finds!

I try to find comparable free crochet patterns that coordinate with my latest free pattern on the blog. And five patterns keep it simple, easy to reference and the of course, only the best! Here’s what I found last week:

With Halloween on most everyone’s mind, it’s time to revisit a past Friday Finds of sweet and fun ghost patterns. It’s time for another recap of favorite projects that will make Halloween exciting for everyone! [Read More…]

Featured Patterns!

At Crochet Memories I have lots of patterns, but unless you’re looking for something specific, few people have the time to simply browse. It’s never too early to start on Christmas projects. Fun Christmas crochet designs that should be on your must-make list!

North Pole Elf Kitchen Set

This fun and festive Tea party set of elves covers everything from the tea pot cozy and on. Jingle bells and the crocodile stitch come together in creating fun collars that are just so Christmassy! Yes, that’s a word… even if it’s not in the dictionary. But seriously, the little ones will love hot chocolate served up in this festive set for breakfast or late night!

Ice Crystals Lace Christmas Stocking

Christmas for me wouldn’t be Christmas without stockings. And even before I had a mantel or a fireplace, I hung them around the house from knobs of every sort. They can be beautiful to just plain fun. The Ice Crystals Lace Christmas Stocking would be ideal for baby’s first Christmas – complete with a crochet frame to hold his/her photo! And the thread lace cuff is just beautiful! With or without the frame, this would be a great stocking to include in your repertoire.

North Pole Express Tree Skirt

Any family would love to have this whimsical tree skirt for the foundation of their Christmas tree. Showcasing panels with a train from box cars to the engine, each displayed with a Christmas theme. And fun candy cane “connectors” will just add to the whimsy! Cars with windows for photos are ideal so one can include children, grandchildren, or even their pets. So many options and variations make this a unique tree skirt that can be exclusively yours to become a family heirloom!

Crochet News – say what?

Okay, none of us want to be this for Christmas… or maybe?

Crochet Magazines You’ll Love!

Who doesn’t look forward to magazines filled with new and awesome crochet patterns? Here are three – and yes, these are affiliate links!

This Week’s Menu Plans:

If you’ve followed the blog much, you’ll notice I publish my upcoming menu plans for each week. Why? Actually this is to keep me on the up and up. I tend to get busy and before I know it, I’m out of steam and if I don’t have something planned, it’s the same old question that plagues many households at around 6:00 in the evening with; “What’s for dinner?” “I don’t know, what sounds good…” until eventually you’re ordering pizza or running through the drive thru at McD’s. Here are my menu plans:

If you’ve been reading my blog for long you know I enjoy cooking and I LOVE collecting recipes and cookbooks. I’ve done a couple of other cookbook reviews before but decided it was time for another. You can read my first cookbook review here and my second; here You can find this cookbook review; here!

Crushing on Amazon

Who doesn’t love to shop? And who doesn’t love to save money. I’ve found that often when comparison shopping, Amazon has the best price and being a Prime member, means no shipping charges. These are what I’m looking at now…

Having read all Goldie Schulz culinary mysteries by Diane Mott Davidson; I’m all in on this cookbook showcasing recipes throughout her books, her family life and so much more! Sounds like a great read and the recipes are to die for… is that metaphorically or literally?

Tuesday’s Trivia!

How many times in all do you work the instructions within asterisks?
The number of times stated The number of times stated, plus the instruction within the asterisks Once I have no clue without “the” instructions in front of me!
Here’s last weeks answer to “what do asterisks mean when used in crochet instruction?”

To define where to repeat the instruction.
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We recently purchased the tripod grilling rack which is nothing more than a rack that’s held up with chains on a tripod. We purchased it to grill over an open wood fire while camping. But then I found this cookbook that sounds to be the ideal accompaniment!