Grab Your Wallet—IKEA’s 2020 Catalog Is Here & We Want Everything

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IKEA 2020 catalog kitchen

It’s finally here—everyone’s favorite chic yet affordable home retailer, IKEA, just released its 2020 catalog and we couldn’t be more excited to snatch IKEA’s best kitchen, dining, and cookware….well, everything. From bedspreads to couches to new toys for your little one, IKEA has something for every room and in true IKEA form everything in the new collection is modern, affordable, and of course, aesthetically pleasing. And while we wish we could buy the entire catalog, we can’t afford to redo our whole apartment right now, so we are focusing on our favorite new kitchen and dining room items to grab from IKEA.

Whether you’re visiting a physical IKEA store (in which case don’t forget to grab some unreal soft-serve ice cream on your way out…and maybe even some Swedish meatballs with lingonberry jam) or ordering online, it’ll be hard not to get carried away and buy ALL new kitchenware—it’s that good. Splurge a little and stock up on a new set of matching plates and bowls or grab a new magnetic knife rack for above the counter. Check out our favorite new IKEA kitchen products below, and check out the entire stunning 2020 IKEA catalog for yourself. 

Pink POKAL Glass, $1.49


A fun take on a classic everyday drinking glass, these Millennial pink glasses are great for both hot and cold drinks and will add some subtle color to your kitchen table. Buy Now

KUNGSFORS Mesh Bag, 2 for $5.99


We love this set of reusable mesh bags. Whether you’re taking these to the grocery store or to the beach, you’ll feel great about helping the environment by saying no to plastic bags. Buy Now

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GAMMAN 20-Piece Stainless Steel Flatware Set, $24.99


This 20-piece stainless steel flatware set is a classic kitchen staple that will go great with any color tableware. Also, it’s a steal at only $25. Buy Now

VADHOLMA Kitchen Island, $299


Not only is this kitchen island sleek and stylish, but it’s also portable! If you have a tiny kitchen or occasionally need some extra kitchen counter space, this easy-to-move counter is a great investment—and it includes two storage shelves to maximize your space. Buy Now

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KUNGSFORS Magnetic Knife Rack, $16.99


This stainless steel magnetic knife rack will help you save countertop space and also make it easier for you to access all your knives while you’re cooking. Buy Now

FLITIGHET 18-Piece Dinnerware Set, $19.99


You can’t go wrong with a classic set of white dinnerware. Match these plates with colorful napkins or a patterned placemat, or keep it simple by pairing them with more neutrals. This 18-piece set is microwave and dishwasher-safe, and only $20. Buy Now

GLATTIS Brass Color Tray, $19.99


This brass-colored serving tray will instantly up your hosting game. Pretty enough to leave out on your coffee table all the time, this is a fun purchase you’re sure to get tons of use out of. Buy Now

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SENIOR Casserole With Lid, $49.99


This enameled cast-iron casserole dish is ideal for slower-cooking recipes such as stews, roasts, or, well, casseroles. This retro-styled product is suitable for all cooktops and can even go in the oven. Buy Now

SAXBORGA Jar With Lid and Tray, Set of 5, $14.99 


Make Marie Kondo proud by organizing your kitchen with these little glass jars. Complete with cork lids and a tray, fill these jars with anything from candy to spices. Buy Now

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INGEFÄRA Plant Pot With Saucer, $4.99 


We love the idea of adding some greenery to our kitchens and these affordable plant pots are just the thing to help us try out the trend. Check out this article about green walls for some plant-envy inspo and tips for keeping your plants alive in the kitchen. Buy Now

What are you buying? Let us know in the comments!