Essential Tips & Techniques For Cooking At Home

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If you’re new to the kitchen, cooking at home may seem intimidating. But if you can design your own kitchen, you can certainly boil a pot of water or fry an egg, since all these tasks are as easy as pie! Don’t let that high-end kitchen go to waste. Here are the essential tips and techniques every home chef should learn and master. Now let’s get cooking!

Chopping Food Not Fingers

A knife is a cook’s #1 tool, and using one safely is an important skill to learn. Hopefully your kitchen has a knife block filled with everything you need to chop, mince, slice and dice. For a great tutorial on how to use a Chef’s Knife from The Spruce Eats, click here. It includes how to grip the blade and secure the food without cutting off your fingers!












Sautéing In A Snap

This popular cooking technique is essential for searing veggies, scrambling eggs, and pan-frying meat. You will need a shallow pan or skillet, a spatula for turning, and a little bit of fat (oil, butter, bacon grease) to properly sauté. Set your stovetop to medium-high heat and read these 10 sautéing tips from Cooking Light.

Adding Fresh Flavor

Fresh herbs pack a big punch and are a healthy way to add flavor without adding calories. Grow your own kitchen window herb garden to snip when needed or opt for the dried variety. For easy access when cooking, store dried herbs and spices close to the stove in a cabinet door mounted spice rack. A high-end kitchen isn’t complete without one!

Bring On The Baking

Whether it’s a potato, a casserole, or a cake, ovens are made for baking. Here are some easy casserole recipes to try, from Food Network, and for tips on how to make your baked goods better from Bon Appétite, click here. If you want to make light work of homemade breads and brownies, install a heavy-duty mixer lift in a base cabinet.












Measure For Measure

When you design your own kitchen, make sure you fill your cabinets with both dry and wet measuring tools. This is especially important when it comes to baking recipes, where accurate measurements matter. For dry ingredients like flour, spoon it into the proper measuring cup and level it off with a butter knife. Do not scoop.

For a Food Network video on how to accurately measure wet ingredients, click here. You’ll need a liquid measuring cup with clear volume markers and a pouring spout. Measuring spoons work for both wet and dry ingredients.

How To Boil Water

Pasta is an easy meal to make, but first, you need to know how to boil water. It may seem basic, but there are some tricks to doing it right. First, you will need a pot with a lid. A lid will help to speed up the process by trapping the heat inside. For more tips on boiling water the right way from WikiHow, including whether to salt or not to salt, click here.


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