Blogtober 2019: Day 2: Latest Ikea haul...

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Disclaimer:  I haven't been paid to promote any products, just wanted to share some smiles found on our latest visit to my second favourite happy place, first being our home of course 😊

Hi Honeys,
How are you today?  Staying warm I hope?  It's such a beautiful, sunny day outside, if it didn't feel so chilly, I could almost be fooled that summer had decided to hang around a little longer 😊 

Today, I thought I'd share what we bought on our recent trip to Ikea.  You know, the trip where I took so many photos that, even after being completely brutal with myself, I still ended up with so many photos I really liked that it took three posts to share them all 😄

In my defence, I hadn't been able to visit in such a long time that almost everything had changed over, displays were new, so many new items, well it all got a little overwhelming and I had my camera so.. 😄  If you missed them you can see the posts here honeys: part one, part two and part three

On to today then, and to celebrate day two of Blogtober, I thought I'd share our little Ikea haul...

As with most of my Ikea posts honeys, you might want to grab a cuppa, and maybe a cookie or two and get comfy.  Meet you back here in a few minutes?

Welcome back, do you have your cuppa? ☕  Good, me too ☕  Put your feet up then and get comfy honeys.  Our furbaby Jade is napping next to me on the sofa and I've just covered her up with one of her blankets, bless her 💖

Let's take a look then, I'll try to find links for you where I can.

SKÅDIS Pegboard Combination
As we always do, we headed to Ikea with a list of what we wanted to pick up while there.  The store is quite a distance away and it's so rare we actually get to visit that any trip is planned out in advance, including the all important shopping list.

Top of the shopping list this visit were some items from the new pegboard and accessory range called SKÅDIS.  we've been working on organising Hubby's office/den upstairs and he wanted a pegboard to tidy things off his desk.  The SKÅDIS items seemed to fit the bill to a tee.  It's all pretty affordable too really so that was also a bonus.

Here's what we bought honeys...

1 The SKÅDIS pegboard itself:  These boards are available in different sizes and are supplied with a metal bar (shown above the board in the photo) to fix to the wall (or other surface such as a door) in order to hang it but Hubby bought a set of connectors which allowed him to attach it to the shelf of his desk.

2. SKÅDIS container: This little container could have lots of uses but Hubby bought it to use as a handy pen pot.

3. SKÅDIS letter holder: As I said earlier, we're still working on organising this room, it's been used as a store room really, so Hubby hasn't really done any more to his desk than just set the pegboard up so far but these letter holders will probably end up storing notebooks or household folders such as current bills to be paid etc. 

4. SKÅDIS shelf: Hubby picked up two of these shelves. They're not huge but certainly big enough to store smaller items and keep them out of the way but still accessible.

5. SKÅDIS connectors:  Hubby didn't want to drill holes into the wall upstairs so he bought a set of two connectors.  These firmly attach to the back of the monitor shelf  and then also attach to the bottom of the pegboard.  I was a bit sceptical that two small bracket like items would hold the pegboard steady but they seem to be doing it just fine. 

6. SKÅDIS clips: Useful for displaying notes, photos to make you smile or post it notes to remind you not to forget 😊 Hubby bought two packs of these (two per pack) neither of us has much of a memory these days so I'll sure they'll be used for those post it notes all the time 😄

7. SKÅDIS hooks: Hubby hasn't added these to his pegboard yet but they'll probably be used as a place to put his tablet (two hooks together) or to hang his headphones from.

I'm really impressed with this pegboard collection and I'm even considering adding a pegboard to my little baking area in the kitchen.  You can see the pegboards and accessories here if you'd like to find out more about them honeys.

As I said, the room is still being worked on but he has set the pegboard up.  This is how it looks so far...

As you can see he loves dragons.  He's been a huge fan of the Anne McCaffrey Pern novels for over thirty years.  In Hubby's Universe the dragon is always the good guy 💖  I think one of my favourites of his dragons, and there are a fair few of them sitting around our home, is the one sitting between the speaker and the camper van (another love of his as you can see honeys) in the photo above.

This beautiful resin dragon (although it's designed to look like a statue carved from stone) is solar powered and all day collects the sun from the nearby window and at night casts a lovely glow on the dragon from the light at his feet.

On his desk, Hubby has a glass worktop saver.  Very retro I know but we both hail from a generation who used to make mix tapes for each other, so cassette tapes are still very relevant to us 😄  I spotted this worktop saver in Home Bargains a while ago and knew it would be perfect on Hubby's desk, he loves it, bless him 💖 

Onward we go then ...

Assorted Little Things For Little Home Projects..
This next lots is a bit of a mixed bag really honeys,...

1. FISKBO frame: I wanted an A4 white frame for a little craft project I was working on.  Something just to make me smile 😊  I'd already put it into a frame and didn't really like it, spotted this frame and it was perfect.

Do you watch a TV series called The Good Place?  If you've seen it, the room where each of the characters "wake up" outside Michael's office has large, green lettering on the wall.  It says "Welcome.  Everything is fine."

I thought I'd try to make a similar sign for my "calm wall" and so I did. You can (just) see it on the picture rail, on the left hand side, in this photo..

2. SPRITTA apple slicer: I've wanted to pick one of these up for a while.  We actually have a similar item from Asda I think it was, it's in the shape of a large green apple and is great for coring and slicing apples into perfect, edible pieces.  I wanted one of the Ikea apple slicers though purely because of the raised edge which goes out at either side to form handles.

I have arthritis and anything that makes life easier for me in the kitchen is very welcome and I thought this little apple slicer might be easier to use than our present one.  As it turns out, it's great!  It even slices far more than apples, I'll share all in tomorrow's post 💗    

3. PLURING clothes covers:  I really do like these zip up clothes covers. There are three in a bag (two short and one long) and we already have some spare but picked up another pack while we were there for an organisation project in the cupboard of Hubby's office/den.  I thought it would be a great place to store his older football tops (some of them go back years) and I'm going to use these covers to protect them.

4. SYLT LINGON: Not much to say about this really 😊  It's Ikea's lingonberry jam.  It's beyond delicious.  It's a treat.  I don't get to Ikea very often so I popped a jar into our trolley. Just yum! 😋

5. TOMAT spray bottle: I needed a little spray bottle to store my own home made cleaner in (made from orange peels in white vinegar) and this fit the bill.

6. PÄRKLA storage case: I think these might be a new item?  I can't remember seeing them before and Ikea seemed keen to promote them all around the store in different displays.  We bought two of them to use as under bed storage.  They'll be useful for extra bedding, quilts etc.  They seem very sturdy and although they are opaque, you can still see what's inside.  

7.  BEKVÄM spice rack: These lovely little spice racks (as a very brief look on Pinterest will show) have so, so many uses! We already had a couple at home but picked up another one.  They'll probably appear on here as part of a home organisation project at some point 😊 

Kitchen Things...
Including my now go-to oven dish!

1. FÖLJSAM oven dish: I love, love, love this dish honeys!  Forget all of my lasagne dishes and casserole dishes collected over the years, this is now my go to oven dish!  It's made from a good, heavy glass.  It's more than big enough to be family size.  I usually make double of whatever I'm making for dinner in this and freeze half.  

I honestly can't say enough good things about this product.  I'd ordered one  previously to see what it was like in a home delivery order and loved it so much I bought this one as a spare.  Just in case.  Well done Ikea, this oven dish rocks!  How can it only cost £2?   

2. BLASKA brush and pan set:  Spotted this and picked one up honeys.  We already have a brush and dustpan set (with longer handles so I can use it, mobility issues mean I'm no longer as steady on my feet as I was) but I thought this little set would be perfect for dealing with crumbs etc on the work surfaces and it's perfect!   

3.  Glass soap dispenser bottles: I can't find these anywhere on the Ikea website or in the new catalogue honeys. I'm assuming they might have been retired then from their range?  They were on sale at £2.50 each, reduced from £5 so we bought two of them. They're really lovely and made from a very heavy glass.  

One is now in our bathroom and contains some lovely aloe vera liquid soap from Home Bargains and the other one sits by the sink in our kitchen and is home to our washing up liquid.  It looks so much nicer than the plastic bottle the washing up liquid comes packaged in.   

4. CHOSIGT funnels: These are so useful! I needed one to pour my homemade orange & vinegar cleaner into it's new bottle and Hubby spotted this little set of two.  Only £1 as well so a bargain too.  They're also useful for decanting my soap powder from it's huge 109 wash box into the two small containers I keep it in by the washing machine.         

The Glassware That Makes Our Meal Prepping A Breeze..
I don't know how we ever coped without these dishes now honeys, I really don't!

Other than Hubby's pegboard for his desk, these dishes were top of our shopping list for this trip 💖  As you might have read in past posts, Hubby and I are trying to be healthier.  A big part of this has been my new pet project of meal prepping.

I've always sent Hubby to work with a proper lunch but he used to use those plastic containers that have snap closed on all four sides lids?  Then I read online about these containers leaching plastic into the food, especially when microwaved!

Cue Hubby's lunch containers heading into the bin and me searching online for a healthier option.  I was delighted to find (while searching for new pots for the same reason, no more tefal coating for us!) this Ikea range of almost identical tubs to the ones I pack Hubby's lunch into only they're made of glass! So much healthier!

We've been ordering them in batches since via home delivery, so while we were in store we picked up a few more.  Home delivery is wonderful, especially for anyone with mobility issues (those stores are huge and difficult to reach the end of with arthritic body bits) and those of us who live too far from a store to visit regularly.  Let's have a look at the dishes we bought this trip honeys...

1.  Ikea 365+ Square glass container with lid (600ml): This dish is identical in size and appearance to Hubby's (now binned) plastic lunch containers honeys.  Those plastic ones had cost us £4 each and these fabulous new glass ones, complete with lid, are only £2.75!

Hubby's been using them for a few months now and seems pleased with them, I'm chuffed that they're far healthier than the plastic ones so yaaaay!💗

2. Ikea 365+ round, glass container with lid (400ml): Same great quality, holds slightly less but is perfect for meal prepping lovely, healthy lunch salads into and loading up the fridge so Hubby can grab a salad in the morning for his lunch bag along with whatever else he's taking with him.  I'm a happy wee Rosie and so, so glad we found these! Thank you Ikea 💖

These round dishes are available in the larger (600ml) size and I'll be filling these all winter long for Hubby's lunches with lovely homemade soups and yummy stovies.

Dishes And The Coolest Set Of Drawer Organisers...
Almost at the end dear ones...

Last, but not least, are these...

1.  OFTAST bowl: I picked up this bowl, and the other two side plates shown here too, to use in photos for this blog honeys.  When writing recipe posts it's good to be able to take nice photos of the finished results. I've found that most bloggers will use plain, non patterned plates, but what can I say honeys, I'm a pretty, patterned plate kind of gal 😊

This range from Ikea, the OFTAST range, has four pieces.  The bowl and side plate in the above photo, a plate and a deep plate, which appears more to me like a soup bowl?  Each piece is only 50p each too. 

2. Blue side plate: Again, I have no idea what range this belongs to honeys.  I can't find it online and it was sitting by itself downstairs in the bargain corner bit on the way to the checkouts.  I do like the beautiful shade of dark blue though so I had to bring it home. 

3. KALAS bowls:  These are from the children's range but I bought a set for our furbaby Jade.  They're perfect for her kibble, treats and I even put her yogurt in one of them each day.  Our baby has a little natural, low fat yogurt each day and she loves it.

4. OFTAST side plate: As above, bought for blog photos honeys.  These really are lovely dishes, great quality too for being so inexpensive.

5. SKUBB boxes: Love these cool little, folds-flat-to-store-but-so-useful-you'll-never-fold-them boxes 😄 We've used them all over the house but on this visit we picked up an extra set because Hubby wanted them for his sock drawer 💗
    Finally!  We reached the end of this post 😊  What do you think honeys? Are you a fan of Ikea too?  What are your favourite Ikea products?  Well, I'm going to publish this now, I've literally spent all day today on this post, finding all of the links 😊 I can't wait to see what everyone else has posted for Blogtober.

Till tomorrow, when I'll be sharing the delicious dinner side dish we made last night using that Ikea apple slicer 😊 smile lots and hug even more 💗  Stay warm everyone, hugs always x

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