9 Best Pull Out Organizers For Pots And Pans (2020)

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Along with trash pull outs, pot and pan slide out organizers are one of the most frequently used pullout convenience items in our kitchens.

If you have any dead space within your cabinetry or are trying to squeeze every inch out of a smaller kitchen, adding a pull out organizer can transform your space.

Pots and pans can be awkward items to find storage for, however there are some unique ways to get them sorted. In doing some research for these products, we noticed adjustability was a key component. Not all pots and pans are the same size, so having an organizer with some adjustable wire separators was extra crucial.

Many pull outs can quickly be mounted to the bottom of the cabinet floor with just a few screws. Dont let the technical aspect of installing the item deter you, these are all fairly straightforward.

Our Top Pick

Rev-A-Shelf Two-Tier Cookware Pull Out Organizer

This product was our top pick due to it having multiple widths, adjustable dividers, easier installation and dedicated areas for both pots and pans.

  • Heavy duty steel
  • Can mount to cabinet door
  • Independently sliding shelves
  • Multiple widths
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Best Pot and Pan Pull Out Organizers

Rank Preview Name Editors Rating Shop
#1 Rev-A-Shelf 2-Tier Cookware Pull Out Shop Amazon
#2 Lynk Single-Tier Pull Out Shop Amazon
#3 Household Essentials 2-Tier Pull Out Shop Amazon
#4 Lynk Lid/Sheet Holder Pull Out Shop Amazon
#5 Hardware Resources Cookware Pull Out Shop Amazon
#6 Glideware Hanging Pan/Lid Pull Out Shop Amazon
#7 Trinity Adjustable Divider Pull Out Shop Amazon
#8 Lynk Professional Wood Pull Out Shop Amazon
#9 Knape & Vogt Large Caddy Pull Out Shop Amazon

1. Rev-A-Shelf Pot & Pan Organizer (Best Overall)

This organizer is purely dedicated to your pots, pans and lids. It comes in two sizes that work for large and smaller cabinet width openings.

The smaller version is 12W and the larger one is 21W. Be sure to add some extra space on each side of the unit to make sure it will operate properly.

One handy feature is the independently operating pullout shelves. This makes it easy to reach for the desired pan or lid.

For those that would like to door mount this to a cabinet door, there is a separate bracket kit that needs to be ordered.

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2. Lynk Chrome Roll Out Cookware Organizer (Best Single Tier)

Need a roll out for tight spaces? This 11 wide option is great for storing pots and pans. One of the best features is the adjustability of the rails. Just slide them to your ideal position with the included black clips.

Pots and pans can be heavy and this has the strength to accommodate all that weight. Its also simple to install to the bottom of the cabinet with just a few screws.

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3. Household Essentials Two-Tier Chrome Basket (Best Heavy-Duty)

  • Slides operate independently to provide easy access
  • Full-extension slides
  • Four widths to accommodate your specific cabinet size
  • Weight capacity is 88lbs.
  • Make sure the cabinet opening is wider than product dimensions.
  • Dimensions: 15.5 Height x 14.5 Width x 21 Depth
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4. Lynk Roll Out Pan Holder and Baking Sheet Organizer (Best Narrow Pull Out)

If you need something narrower, this pull out pan lid holder is just 7-1/4 width. Unlike its cousin above, the rails are not adjustable. Its also easy to install though. There are two components: the base slide assembly needs to be mounted with four included screws and then the lid holder secures to the base.

One con is that it only extends out about 3/4 of the way out of the cabinet. This means you may have to reach into the cabinet to access items in the back of the pull out.

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5. Hardware Resources Single Tier Cookware Organizer (Best Small Pot/Pan)

Super simple, yet very functional. Weve installed this pullout chrome basket on numerous occasions and they are very sturdy and capable of handling those heavier items. The dimensions are: Height 9 x Width 11-1/2 x Depth 18-3/4.

It can be mounted to the bottom of the cabinet with just four screws.

  • One pull out only
  • Ideal for smaller pots and pans
  • Full Extension slides
  • Great for 15 cabinet widths
  • Chrome plated w/ round wiring
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6. Glideware Pot and Pan Pullout (Best Top Mount)

Securely hang your pots and pans in this creative pullout. Its designed to fit standard depth base cabinets.

This product is for a full height base cabinet door opening with no drawer above it. This allows for larger pans to be stored without dragging.

Its also perfect for lids with loop handles, so that the lids can be hung within the handle creating a dual purpose.

  • Mounts to cabinet top and rear
  • Full-Extension slides
  • Up to 110lb. rated
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7. Trinity Pull Out with Adjustable Dividers (Best Versatility)

The overall wire frame attaches to the left and right slides once they are mounted to the cabinet floor. Then, the dividers can be placed and clipped onto the frame where desired. It slides out of the cabinet to provide easy access to pots and lids.

Assembled dimensions: 19.75W x 20D x 10.125H

  • Wire dividers are adjustable to hold items of various sizes
  • Can hold up to 50lbs.
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8. Lynk Professional Wood Cabinet Organizer (Best Wood Slide Out)

Lots of us prefer to have a solid bottom for our pots and pans. The wood drawer box featured on this slide out is ideal for just that. It may match the aesthetics of your kitchen more than a chrome wire basket too. This pull out organizer is not only great for pots and pans, but it can be used within in any kitchen, bathroom or laundry room cabinet.

  • Four Widths (11, 14, 17 and 20)
  • 21.5 Deep
  • Easy Install
  • Steel Slide Assembly
  • Wood Laminate (Easy to Clean)
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9. Knape & Vogt Pot/Pan Caddy Pull Out (Best Wide Opening Cabinet)

The best feature of this large pot and pan organizer is the two separate pull out sections. The overall pull out glides out and then the bottom section also slides out independently. This allows for complete accessibility to pots and pans. If you have a wide base cabinet of more than 26, this could be a great solution!

  • 19.5 and 25.5 versions
  • Lid side storage
  • Birch veneer shelves
  • Frosted nickel wire
  • Separate pull out sections
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How to Choose a Pot and Pan Slide Out

Selecting a size

More on this below, but you will have to check your exact cabinet width, depth and height to determine what organizer will work.

Single Tier or Two Tier Pull Out

Many brands offer a single tier (one shelf basket) and a two-tier (two shelf baskets). If you have a cabinet with a drawer above, a single tier option would work best.

Dividers or Baskets

Do you need adjustable dividers on your pull out organizer? These can be helpful if you want to customize how your pots, pans, lids or baking sheets sit inside the organizer pull out. Otherwise a nice open basket is often ideal.

Installation Difficulty

Be aware that some cabinets will not be flush to the frame. You might be able to see about 1/4 lip. This small lip on the floor of the base cabinet will prevent the pull out from sliding forward correctly. You may have to cut small blocks of wood to shim the slide out up a tad. This creates a flush surface for the pull out to glide over the frame lip.

If you have a screw driver and time, you will be okay. Many of our best options will come pre-assembled, so this allows you to put it directly into your cabinet floor to mount. Occasionally, you will have to build the frame and attach the slides before setting it inside of the cabinet. Either way, anyone can take this on as a basic DIY project.

Slide Type

The ideal slide is a full-extension slide. This means that the slide will come all the way out of the cabinet to allow you to access the back portion of the pull out organizer. This is truly a great feature for these types of organizer products.

Standard Cabinet Measurements and What Will Work in Your Cabinet

There are standard base cabinet sizes to be aware of. Knowing your cabinet size will allow you to choose the best pull out organizer. While you are checking out our top list of pot and pan organizers, we encourage you to grab a tape measure if available and get the dimensions of your cabinet.

Standard base cabinet widths are usually 9, 12, 15 18, 21, 24 and larger. All of are selected choices can work within those dimensions. You may have to find the ideal part number for the given product though.

Do you have a base cabinet with a drawer above or a full height cabinet? Knowing this is also helpful to determine if you have enough operable room for the pull out organizer to slide in and out.

How to Organize Pots and Pans

Check out this helpful video from Stephanie over at @basilchic. She has tons of ideas on home organization and decluttering!