80+ Best Easter Side Dishes

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These Easter side dishes are the perfect thing to round out your holiday feast! Choose from delicious vegetables, potatoes, salads, breads, and more to make the best sides for Easter dinner.

80 best side dishes for easter

Easter Side Dishes

Just like any holiday meal, my favorite part of Easter dinner is the sides! I love filling up my plate with all of the vegetables, salads, casseroles, potatoes, and other side dishes (especially if they’re covered in cheese).

These easy Easter side dishes pair perfectly with ham, lamb, or any pork or beef dish you might be serving for dinner. There are healthy recipes, cheesy recipes, and plenty of dishes you can make ahead of time as well.

Combine any of these ideas to make the best sides for Easter, whether you’re cooking for just a few people or for a whole crowd.

What should I serve for Easter dinner?

Before we get to all of the delicious side dishes, you’re probably looking for a main course. Whether you serve a traditional Easter ham, lamb, pork, or beef, there are plenty of options for your Easter dinner. Here are some favorites.

What are the best Easter sides?

There are so many delicious side dish recipes that are just perfect for Easter dinner. Regardless of which main dish you choose, the sides are a must. I like to have a mix of vegetables, potatoes, breads, and salad to round out the meal. Choose one of each, or make more if you need to feed a crowd!

What are the best side dishes for Easter ham?

So many sides go perfectly with ham, from potatoes and veggies to your favorite casseroles. I recommend some mashed potatoes and delicious green beans for a classic meal.

Can you make Easter side dishes ahead of time?

There are plenty of recipes below that can easily be made ahead of time and kept in the fridge until ready to heat and serve. Try these make ahead mashed potatoes or Green Goddess pasta salad.

What sides go well with lamb?

Lamb makes a beautiful holiday dish, and I love serving it with carrots, potatoes, and a salad for the perfect meal.

What are the best sides for a crowd?

Casseroles are a great option if you need to feed a lot of people. Make large batches of mac and cheese, potatoes, or veggies that everyone can enjoy.

What are some healthy side dishes for Easter dinner?

Salads are a great side for Easter because they’re fresh and filled with healthy ingredients, which is the perfect thing for a spring holiday. And of course there are tons of vegetable sides listed below that keep things light. Try this cucumber salad or roasted butternut squash hasselback.

What are some kid-friendly sides?

The kids will probably love anything cheesy, so try some cheesy veggies (like these cheesy potatoes). Mac and cheese is a good option too!

80+ Easter Side Dishes

Any of these Easter side dishes will work perfectly on the table this holiday. Whether you prefer the traditional sides or something new, there’s a recipe (or two or three…) here you’ll love.

Traditional Easter Side Dishes

These are the most traditional Easter sides to add to your holiday dinner. Everyone will love seeing these classic recipes on the table.

Vegetable Sides for Easter

Get all the veggie sides you need here! Make green beans, brussels sprouts, carrots and more, all covered in tasty sauces and seasonings.

Vegetable Recipes

Fill out the rest of your Easter dinner with these easy side dishes. They’re all so easy and delicious, they’ll surely make all your guests happy. Enjoy your holiday!

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