15 Awesome DIY Garden Fence Decorating Ideas

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Many of us like to tidy up the garden and decorate it as beautiful as possible, but often miss things that are no less important. Apart from setting the garden landscape, fences are an indispensable part of garden decoration, and some of these DIY projects will make your fence look awesome.

Garden fences usually take up a lot of space in your yard, which is why you should have a plan for decorating them. In accordance with its function, the fence was built as a barrier and protects the garden area from the outside, but a beautiful fence will make anyone happy to see it.

Dull and boring fences can ruin the overall beauty of the garden. I never really thought about that before because I was quite happy to have a fence. However, after seeing some of these DIY garden fence decorating ideas motivated me to make them even better. So, allow me to share this wonderful idea that will help you do something creative with your fence.

1. A black painted fence can be added to a plant pot frame with a contrasting color. This idea will attract attention with its elegant style.


2. Give an aesthetic and modern look to your garden fence with some decorative displays. Create the shape you want and add color to make it more beautiful.


3. Birdhouses can always be a great addition to any landscape style, and adding them to a hedge is no exception.


4. If you’re creative enough, create hedge art out of colorful DIY threads.


5. Have a huge collection of old boots in the warehouse? Use them as unique plant pots and then attach them to the garden fence.


6. Arrange wooden crates as plant racks on the fence. To make it more interesting, you can paint it according to your taste.


7. It’s incomplete if there is no DIY flower decoration on the garden fence. You can make it from a plastic bottle or paint it.


8. Want to bring a romantic atmosphere in the garden? a string light garden fence is the most romantic way to do it.


9. Not only just beautifying the fence, this plant rack idea will give you extra space to store various collections of flowers and plants.


10. Make your garden look bright with DIY sunflower decorations.


11. For a shabby chic or vintage style garden, you can add a collection of old plates to decorate the fence.


12. Besides making a plant rack on the fence, you can also hang flower pots like this.


13. Used tires as plant pots on the fence? I think this idea is very creative and worth considering.


14. I love how this DIY fence idea makes it look like a house. Who would have thought that adding an old window would look really pretty.


15. Arrange the pieces of wood in such a way to get a fence with natural accents. It doesn’t need to be neat, it’s important that it looks unique.


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