135 Times People Just Had To Take A Screenshot Of Americans Being Unbelievably Clueless (New Pics)

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Things posted on the internet cannot be unposted. That’s part of the game. But there are surely things we have posted that we’re not necessarily very proud of. Some, however, have no clue about their clueless arguments and remain unapologetic.

And there’s this corner of Reddit known as “S***AmericansSay” which is notorious for busting these kinds of instances. In fact, the community of 353k members is sharing the most cringeworthy and clueless posts spotted surfing on social media. That includes but isn’t limited to blunt arguments, embarrassing comments, hilariously inaccurate shares, you name it.

Below we selected some of the most entertaining examples that will surely make you chuckle and wonder what those people are thinking. Psst! Here's part 1 of the post with more stuff Americans (and the rest of the world, for that matter, ‘cause no one is immune to cluelessness) say!

#1 On South Africa

#2 "Can Anybody Tell Me If Portugal Has Running Water Like In The States?"

Image credits: Tiltedchewie

#3 “If You Are White You Cant Speak Spanish”

Image credits: NotThe--FBI

#4 Americans Would Never Do This

Image credits: CaptainEasypants

#5 “Your Little European Sport Where You Kick A Ball With Your Foot Is Called ‘Soccer’”

Image credits: stellar6388

#6 This Is America

Image credits: stoatic

#7 Only Because Americans Pay For The Healthcare Of Europe

Image credits: Penumris

#8 A Wisconsin School District Says Students Can “Become Spoiled” With Free Meals And Opts Out Of Biden’s Free-Lunch Program

Image credits: Angelix

#9 Would Be Cool If It Worked In 12 Hour

Image credits: _TescoMealDeal

#10 English

#11 "The USA Is The Only Country In The World With True Freedom" "What Do You Mean? We Are Also Free In France" "Really? "

Image credits: Maximum_Equivalent_9

#12 Europe Sucks

Image credits: betterthewiser

#13 “Love When They Try To Take Credit For A System We Developed”

Image credits: Borgenschatz

#14 What Month Is 21?

Image credits: _-REDACTED-_-

#15 Hopefully This Hasn’t Been Shared Before

Image credits: Ciddimwena

#16 Rest Of The World Didn't Become Free Till We Reformed Half The World In Our Image

Image credits: swoglicious

#17 Rome

#18 "Europe Is Ok Regarding Medicine, A Middle Income Life But Is Mostly Like A Third World Country"

Image credits: --Imposter--

#19 Will Europeans Be Suprised About My Mixed Heritage?

Image credits: moistbagofdicks

#20 Pronounced Like Rifle

Image credits: loves_spain

#21 “The Eiffel Tower Was Built In Vegas. The French Later Copied And Replicate The Original Eiffel Tower In Vegas”

Image credits: Angelix

#22 Observing Of The Columbus Day

Image credits: DaniellaSantina

#23 Norwegian Flag Taken Down

Image credits: Rcorral2108

#24 Europe Still Doesn't Have Running Water

Image credits: ShoutingBlackbird

#25 "Us Has Jurisdiction Over All Of North America If It Comes Down To It"

Image credits: xxLusseyArmetxX

#26 "I'm Norwegian (Not From There But Grandpa Is)

Image credits: DogsReadingBooks

#27 Getting A Tattoo Of Your Ancestry.com Results

Image credits: SideshowLuc

#28 There Should A Law Against This. This Is Socialism

Image credits: sandiercy

#29 Clocks

#30 Americans Don't Have An Accent

Image credits: AvailableAudience6

#31 American English vs. British English *uses Australian Flag*

Image credits: Pixelated_Dragon

#32 Don't You Miss Owning A Car?

Image credits: sira_reddit

#33 Do Europeans Have A Spice Rack?

Image credits: Ajdoom

#34 The Lack Of Freedom, Firearms And Muslim Immigrants

Image credits: GandalfTheGimp

#35 "So May 16th Doesn't Exist?"

Image credits: Outrageous_Ad4250

#36 If Vaccines Are Free, Why Isn't Insulin And Chemo?

Image credits: b1tchlasagna

#37 Yes, English Comes From America

Image credits: Dragonfly_Tall

#38 Medicine

#39 Pot vs. Kettle

Image credits: Alexander0232

#40 "Democracy Is An Illusion"

Image credits: tdgraham123

#41 “Should American Schools Teach Arabic Numerals As Part Of Their Curriculum?” 57% Said ‘No'

Image credits: GPFlag_Guy1

#42 Did You Know Our Servers Survive On Your Tipping Kindness?

Image credits: Theemuts

#43 "As An American Journalist, You Never Expect Your Own Government To Lie To You"

Image credits: D0miqz

#44 I Hate When People Say Americans Dont Learn World History. Why Would We

Image credits: Ungentleman

#45 Sas: Come To America Where Our Dialects Are So Different Some Count As Completely Different Languages

Image credits: genius23sarcasm

#46 English Please, Reddit Is An American Website (German Subreddit Btw)

Image credits: MaxxPlay99

#47 One Day You All Are Going To Look Back On The Day When America Was In Charge As The Good Old Days When You Were Prosperous Free And Happy

Image credits: end_my_suffer1ng-

#48 American Tan Lines

Image credits: pronoke

#49 "No Nation Has Ever Done Anything Like It." About Us Evacuating Afghanistan

Image credits: No_Replacement_930

#50 Honestly, The Us Should Stop Providing Aid And Defense To Europe. Let's See How Quickly Their Socialist Bullsh*t Falls Apart

Image credits: Artilleryman13

#51 On Dates

#52 "Europe Is Becoming A Fascist Dictatorship By The Day" And A Rare Triple Combo

Image credits: Moustachable

#53 “Greatest Country In The World” “You’re Welcome For All The Policing It Does”

Image credits: LeeeGinger

#54 “Americans Singlehandedly Brought Freedom, Democracy, Peace And Prosperity To Germany”

Image credits: xHenkersbrautx

#55 “Our Founding Fathers Made The Right Decision To Stick To This Date Format When Europeans Changed Theirs”

Image credits: Borgenschatz

#56 A Post Criticising People Who Claim The South Had A Noble Cause In The American Civil War, And Just Like Clockwork...

Image credits: CPUtron

#57 I Would Have Guessed One Of The Superbowls

Image credits: a_bag_of_meat

#58 Will My Right To Bear Arms Be Honoured In England Or Germany?

Image credits: A_Cat_Named_Frank

#59 Extreme Restrictions On Free Speech

Image credits: ksm-hh

#60 Wars Make Us Safer And Richer

Image credits: socialcircleguy

#61 "It's The Only Way To Stop Their Socialist Agenda"

Image credits: Amsssterdam

#62 "Should The Spanish Language Remove The Word Negro From Its Language?"

Image credits: EuSouDeNiteroi

#63 “Not Too Many People Knew This Event Was Happening”

Image credits: cyclist36

#64 My Italian Side I Have No Patience And My Irish Side Is Wild And Likes To Party

Image credits: Bellringer00

#65 But People In Denmark Don't Get To Experience The Privilege Of Living In The Oldest And Greatest Country In The World (USA)

Image credits: woodhead2011

#66 „military Time“

Image credits: MommeGerman

#67 Why Doesn't Germany Use The American Name

Image credits: thewalkingfailure

#68 On Flags

#69 Americans On Native Americans

#70 Who Need Sports When You Have Money?

Image credits: peludo90

#71 ''i'm A 4th Generation Italian(-American). I'm Pretty Damn Sure I Can Call Myself Italian''

Image credits: reidesd

#72 “We Can Drone Strike Anyone We Want”

Image credits: Some-English-Twat

#73 "California, A Very Non American Place"

Image credits: thedumbfoundingtitan

#74 "They Hate Us Cause They Ain’t Us"

Image credits: Unlucky_Rich1854

#75 "Treated Like A Celebrity Overseas If You’re American"

Image credits: finrodarryn

#76 "Celsius Is For Water. Fahrenheit Is For Humans. I Am A Human Not A Water." On A Meme About Americans Not Understanding Celsius

Image credits: Starfire-Galaxy

#77 Don’t Think Anyone In The Civil War Used A Match-Lock !

Image credits: no-name-18

#78 "Just Say 5pm Like A Normal Person"

Image credits: SleeepyFRog

#79 If You Don’t Like It We’ll Just Nuke You

Image credits: madboi29

#80 "Why Does China Have Almost No Culture Compared To The USA?"

Image credits: fickerjackson

#81 "In Europe They Don't Have Water Sometimes"

Image credits: PotatoSoup458

#82 American Reaction To A Job Posting With A Translation To Spanish

Image credits: neroisstillbanned

#83 "Maga-Themed Wedding Pays Tribute To Trump"

Image credits: socialcircleguy

#84 A Foreigner Is Blissfully Ignorant Of How Inferior Their Land Is

Image credits: kellymacc

#85 Sorry Europeans: You Kind Of Get Assigned Jobs, Can't Make Money Or Be Successful?

Image credits: Cinderpath

#86 “We Americans Avoid Mexico For A Reason”

Image credits: whatanawsomeusername

#87 "The Only Healthcare System With A Sliver Of Freedom..."

Image credits: TheJimlim

#88 "You Have To Bag Your Own Groceries Like A Slave"- I'm Sorry If This Was Posted Before But I Couldn't Find Anything Similar To My Post On This Subreddit

Image credits: BruhItjustworks

#89 "99% Of The World Uses Metric System. The Othe 1% Went To The Moon. Lets Hear It For Freedom Units Eh"

Image credits: GamerOf22

#90 “Universal Healthcare” I.e. You Can Only Get Very Basic Operations And Checkups Done By Subpar Doctors

Image credits: mrdjeydjey

#91 Building A House Is Hard In Metric

Image credits: anoobsearcher

#92 Scotland

#93 Southern Hemisphere? "Yes I Live In Central Texas"

Image credits: michilio

#94 Enjoy Your “Football” England…

Image credits: OvertheCreek

#95 “There’s No Excuse For Poverty In America”

Image credits: Xenoscum_yt

#96 “Your Hellhole Country Exists Solely Because We Allow It”

Image credits: TTV1983

#97 "His Liberal Talking Point Response Was All I Needed To Hear"

Image credits: CardboardChampion

#98 "How Much Should Descendants Of 360,000 Union Soldiers Who Died To Freed Slaves, Be Paid By The Descendants Of The Slaves They Freed?"

Image credits: Lardistani

#99 The Us Is Hated Because It's The Most Powerful And Influential Nation

Image credits: eciix

#100 The World (The USA)

Image credits: DocAntlesFatLiger

#101 Actually The Us Didn't Lose The Vietnam War

Image credits: SnooCauliflowers9502

#102 Incredibly Unique. No Change In Language Or Even Accent

Image credits: martcapt

#103 Honoring Fallen Soldiers With An Empty Parking Spot

Image credits: HandMadeFeelings

#104 Medicare For All Is Medicare For None

Image credits: BigNakedSexOffender

#105 Fries

#106 Centimeters

#107 Commie Gonna Die Because They Won't Save $1k For Live Saving Care

Image credits: Tatarkingdom

#108 Celsius

#109 Southern Borders

#110 "Americans Don't Have Accents, Everyone Else Does"

Image credits: Tenk-o

#111 Protesting

#112 It's My First Time In This Sub Please Be Gentle

Image credits: CollenTraker_27

#113 On The Metric System

#114 On Pages

#115 "The Difference Between Countries Of Europe And The States Of America Is That They Hate Each Other Slightly More"

Image credits: noriender

#116 "No One Says Today Is 14th Of March..."

Image credits: reddit.com

#117 "China Bombed Pearl Harbor"

Image credits: ZombieOk9331

#118 "Can You Beat Us In War?"

Image credits: ZombieOk9331

#119 "The Rest Of The World Put Together Isn't Half As Important As Us"

Image credits: sarthakydv

#120 Republicans

Image credits: bigmeepslarryhoova

#121 2% Swedish

Image credits: yellow_babel_fish

#122 Chicago Puts Every Major European City To Shame

Image credits: patch173

#123 We Are The Only Country In The World...

Image credits: ReallySorryCanadian

#124 “Name A Overall Better Country”

Image credits: Gorge_Cumsson

#125 “1776 Gave Us The Right To Call Soccer Soccer”

Image credits: samfsherisback

#126 Pretty Good Education Systems

Image credits: Jindabyne1

#127 “Here In The States We Have Tight Controls On Harmful Food Additives. I Feel Fortunate To Cal This Place Home”

Image credits: owahthray42069

#128 Dont Like America? Feel Free To Leave And Remove Your Account

Image credits: cyantif

#129 [in France] "Everything En France'. Nothing In English"

Image credits: Janik313

#130 We Pay Our Military To Be The World Police ... Y’all Would Be Posting In German Otherwise

Image credits: Greners

#131 "So How Come Not In Korea??"

Image credits: NotAplant01

#132 The Brand Maybe Needs Changing From Prison Orange

Image credits: Head2Heels

#133 Admiration

#134 “You Realize Without The Us There Would Be No "Rest Of The World " So In Short We Invented Metric Also” - Comment On A Tiktok About The Metric System

Image credits: kielrene

#135 On Denmark